BUI is growing! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve acquired M2M Systems, an award-winning cloud solutions provider and fellow Microsoft Partner organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya.

M2M Systems specialises in digital transformation for small and medium-sized enterprises, through Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. Founded in 2013, the company has helped more than 100 businesses in Kenya and the wider East African region to communicate, collaborate, and connect with customers using the power of cloud technology.

Ryan Roseveare, our Managing Director, is excited to build on the foundations that have supported M2M Systems’ success. “For BUI, this acquisition represents much more than a business expansion: it’s an opportunity to accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation in Kenya by bringing the expertise we’ve gained through Microsoft’s global programmes to a dynamic regional market where the cloud is actively embraced as a driver of business efficiency and scalability,” he says.

As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP and a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, BUI’s Microsoft roots run deep. “We’re thrilled that M2M Systems has a team of technologists who share not only our enthusiasm for Microsoft Azure, but also our commitment to innovation and customer-centric service delivery,” adds Roseveare.

Increasing capacity, fuelling growth

Justin Colin, our Business Development Manager, is working alongside M2M Systems during the transition period. “M2M Systems has an excellent track record of cloud engagements and a loyal customer base that spans Kenya’s financial services industry, legal sector, and transportation sector. In the coming months, we’ll focus on increasing staff capacity and creating a broader solution portfolio to meet the evolving needs of the local and regional markets,” he says, adding that the BUI Cyber Security Operations Center, the Nettprotect vulnerability scanning service, and the a2zManaged cloud management service will be important augmentations.

M2M Systems Managing Partner Clare Mungai, one of Kenya’s leading women in technology, says the demand for reliable, scalable, and secure productivity solutions is higher than ever. “In the past seven years, we’ve witnessed the steady growth of cloud adoption in Kenya, but last year’s shift to remote work put that growth into overdrive. Customers are looking to harness the full spectrum of cloud services, and BUI brings a wealth of Azure, security, and networking expertise to complement our existing Microsoft strengths. I have no doubt that this fusion of talent and vision will unlock new possibilities, here and across East Africa. I look forward to welcoming BUI to Nairobi, and working together to support customers throughout their digital transformation journeys.”

Roseveare is equally positive. “With an established base in Kenya and a highly skilled team of cloud specialists, we’ll be able to extend our reach and deliver customised, locally relevant solutions to help organisations become more productive, more competitive, and more secure,” he concludes.

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BUI acquires M2M Systems in Kenya

Our commitment to ensuring business continuity – even in the face of disruption – has been recognised by the British Standards Institution.

We’re proud to announce that we have earned ISO 22301 certification after a rigorous independent evaluation by the British Standards Institution last month. The ISO 22301 badge is recognised internationally and sets the standard for Business Continuity Management Systems.

“This certification highlights the strength of our company’s business continuity strategy,” says Gayle Roseveare, our Chief Operating Officer (COO) here at BUI. “It proves to our staff, partners and customers that we’re prepared for any eventuality – and that we’re able to serve and support the people who rely on us, no matter what. Our ISO 22301 badge represents our commitment to effective risk management, organisational resilience, and reliability – even in the face of disruption,” notes Roseveare.

What is ISO 22301?

Developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO 22301 lays out a framework to help companies like ours create, implement, and maintain a comprehensive business continuity management system (BCMS). The main aim is to ensure that companies are protected against unforeseen business challenges and equipped to respond and recover when such events do occur.

“BUI is a global company with offices in East Africa, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States,” says Roseveare. “On any given day, our teams are provisioning cloud infrastructure, monitoring and securing digital environments, and delivering a wide range of IT services to customers. We operate around the world and around the clock – and we have to be able to do so continuously. Whether there are power outages in South Africa or internet connectivity issues in Europe, we need to ensure we can deliver uninterrupted services to our customers. Our ISO 22301 certificate validates our planning for disruptive incidents and disasters.”

Why is ISO 22301 certification important?

“In an unpredictable business climate, it pays to be prepared,” explains Dhiren Boodhia, our Group Governance and Compliance Manager. “And that goes double for service providers like us. To earn our ISO 22301 certificate, we had to demonstrate that we have a thorough BCMS in place; that the staff in our various offices understand the BCMS and the processes required to sustain it; and that we are focused on maintaining business continuity and sustainability regardless of market uncertainties and challenges. I think the ISO 22301 badge is an important differentiator – especially when customers are looking for a steadfast technology ally that is as dedicated to legal and regulatory compliance as it is to protecting the business resources of the organisations it works with,” he says.

For customers who choose to partner with BUI, there are five key benefits, adds Boodhia.

  1. Consistency. ISO 22301 emphasises the importance of consistency when it comes to best practices and business processes. “We’ve been assessed on our capabilities around risk assessment and impact analysis as well as our strategies for mitigating disruptions. Our teams excelled in every area – and that means our customers can expect the highest standards of service and care from everyone at BUI,” says Boodhia.
  2. Data protection. With the cyber threat landscape evolving so quickly, data privacy and data security are critical considerations for customers. “ISO 22301 includes extensive conditions for data protection and data recovery,” notes Boodhia. “Our ISO 22301 badge, together with the ISO 27001 certification we achieved for our commitment to information security management, should give our customers even greater confidence: we handle all data respectfully and safely.
  3. Faster recovery. “ISO 22301 requires us to have a holistic strategy in place to deal with disruptions and disasters. It also mandates a detailed recovery plan to ensure that downtime is minimised – for our company and for the business organisations we serve,” says Boodhia. “BUI customers can be assured that, in the event of an issue, our teams will follow a step-by-step framework to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.”
  4. Greater compliance. By achieving ISO 22301 certification, BUI has met the global benchmark for business continuity management, adds Boodhia. “Many of our customers operate in highly regulated industries, like financial services and healthcare, and they must adhere to their own standards in terms of the services they provide to their clients. BUI is committed to maintaining essential functions during adverse circumstances – and that’s a big plus for customers who have strict compliance obligations.”
  5. Peace of mind. ISO 22301 calls for certified organisations to update and improve their business continuity processes to ensure that their strategies remain current, relevant, and effective. “We’re obligated to adapt and enhance our BCMS plan as our company grows,” explains Boodhia. “It’s good news for our customers because it means we’re always prepared. Whatever happens, the BUI services and solutions that so many businesses utilise every day will be available.”

Our commitment to your success

ISO 22301 may be our newest certification, but it’s also a testament to our unwavering focus on our customers, notes our COO. “To be a dependable, reliable technology partner, you need to anticipate the challenges you’re going to face and then take the necessary steps to ensure that you can address those challenges as soon as they arise. We’re being proactive today so that we’re ready for tomorrow – and always on hand to help our customers be productive, secure, and resilient,” Roseveare concludes.

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